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The Children’s Liberty League mission is to empower New York State residents who are working together to seek equal and fair representation at the State, County and School District levels to protect, restore and uphold the Human, Civil and Constitutional rights of all NYS citizens, especially those of our children.

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A Letter from Children's Liberty League Founder

        The past two years We, the people of New York State, have operated in networks.  Finding each other and sharing information and helping each other. We found we are not individual districts. We are one United front that headed the call to defend our children. This is not over. The masks are off, for now, but the masks are in emergency regulation and moving towards permanent acceptance in April. Along with other regulations that remain unconstitutional and unlawful.


        The State is STILL using the regulatory process to circumvent the Legislature. We need to be educated on the Supreme Court’s decision and the State’s appeal. Simultaneously we need to begin to build an organization that rivals the special interests unions and lobbyists in the State so we can prevent the abuse of power and secure checks and balances. Uniting and working together in a coordinated goal oriented League is the vehicle to effect change. Now is the time for us to come together!


Margaret Marchand
CLLNY Founder

The CLL Launch presentation explains and details the progression of the State's power grab.  



Establish crucial representation through an organized voting block


Through independent research, the public will be educated on:

  • the legislative process 

  • the regulatory process

  • the circumventing of the Legislative branch by the passing of unlawful and unconstitutional regulations


Use membership dues and supporting funds in order to:

  • hire lobbyists

  • repeal rules that violate the Constitution and withdraw regulations currently heading for permanent acceptance

  •  advocate for new legislation to revamp SAPA Act

  • to create a system of regulatory checks and balances.

Court Room


Our Ongoing Court Case Against NYS

        Outside the courtroom he’s a regular guy, A father and husband from Bellmore-Merrick. Chad went to a BOE meeting last August. Like many other parents, he was concerned that children would be masked for another school year. He heard the district’s attorney say that children would be masked again because it was the law. He saw the sadness and frustration of everyone in the room. And when Chad challenged the school district’s attorney, he recognized something he frequently came across in his professional life: dishonesty. In his professional life, Chad is a talented, fierce trial attorney. He also knows constitutional law. At the end of the meeting, Chad believed that this "mandate" was neither constitutional nor enforceable.


       The task that lay ahead: first, research the law and regulatory process; second, find a plaintiff; and third, try to mount the insurmountable. Another father in Bellmore-Merrick, named Michael Demetriou, happened to be looking for an attorney. Michael felt that the district couldn’t mask the kids. As fate would have it, they happened to cross paths at just the right time. Their instincts were correct, the State created the power to mandate masks out of thin air. Chad built a strong case and argued it on January 24th, 2022, in the Nassau County Supreme Court. The Court decided that the regulation requiring masks was unconstitutional, invalid, unlawful, and unenforceable. This was the first and only victory against the State’s “mandate.” The State quickly filed a stay, and an Appeal.


      The final outcome of this case will affect New York State permanently. It challenges the very core of democracy. If this case is overturned, any elected Governor will be able to rule like an emperor. Unpopular, or unconstitutional bills won’t need to go through our elected representatives in the legislative branch. The Governor could simply push them through an Agency.


       Chad knows that other than continuing to fight the court case through the proper channels of the State Judiciary system, the public needs to be well versed on this case and on the public's rights — which are protected by the Constitution. Winning this Appeal will restore the essential checks and balances of the three branches of our State's government and allow them to operate as the Democratic Republic our nation was designed to be under the Constitution.

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